Why I left Thirty-Two FM Ibadan – Andre ‘The Humming Bird’

Andrea Odu-obi Teke is an On Air Personality highly regarded in the city of Ibadan for her unique voice and effervescent demeanor. Her Night Show on Thirty-two Fm 94.9 was one of the most listened-to shows on radio in Ibadan. In this interview with Victor Alagogooko she bare her mind on her experiences in Ibadan and why she left Thirty-two FM.

Ibcity Announcer: Give us a sneak peek into who Andre is?

Andre: Andre is a media personality both Radio and Television with over 5 year experience. A voice actor of repute, writer, storyteller and public speaker also she is very passionate about the wellbeing of the Africa child

Ibcity Announcer: How did you get the moniker “Humming Bird”?

Andre: (laughs) Interesting question. Well a certain day, two listeners called in while two others sent text messages and the names they referred to me as was the Humming bird. I am not one who likes nicknames so at first I refused it. When I noticed it became consistent then I throw out an open poll asking if I should adopt the name and majority said yes. I looked up the significance of the Humming Bird and it was the exact energy I give out on the air so that’s how the name came about.

Ibcity Announcer: What in your childhood prepared you for the media?

Andre: Hmmm, a lot did. I was part of the Debating and Literary club in school; I was also the social prefect in my senior year. I was also chosen as the presenter of a TV show our school was hosting back in the day. So yeah, a lot did.

Ibcity Announcer: Tell us about your journey to Thirty-two fm?

Andre: (Laughs), I was poached from my previous station (winks) I worked with Royal Roots R2 92.9 fm.

Ibcity Announcer: How would you describe your experience working with Thirty-two fm?

Andre: Working with Thirty-two Fm was Awesome! At first I wasn’t so pleased hosting the night show but truth is, I found purpose doing that show.

Ibcity Announcer: so why did you leave thirty-two Fm?

Andre: Because it was time to.

Ibcity Announcer: You got married recently. Congratulations. Has marriage changed you in any way?

Andre: Oh thanks. Marriage is a beautiful thing but I won’t say it has changed me I would say it has taught me patience.

Ibcity Announcer: Did this new status influence your decision to quit thirty-two Fm and Ibadan?

Andre: Yeah. Majorly.

Ibcity Announcer: As a darling on Air, many persons run over themselves to call whenever you are on Air. Does this make your husband jealous in anyway?

Andre: (laughter) He is also a darling on Air (oh my gosh, have you heard his voice) he is in the same industry, he knows the job so well and he knows his woman so well.

Ibcity Announcer: When you announced your departure. Many called in, so emotional and teary. Did it give you a second thought about leaving?

Andre: Oh yes it did, It was emotional for me too.

Ibcity Announcer: what was your most memorable moment on Air?

Andre: The day a man was about to commit suicide and I got so exhausted trying to talk him out of it and the good part was months later he called back on the show to tell me he had a change of mind the words I spoke to him gave life and hope I would never forget that day.

Ibcity Announcer: Did you have low moment on Air as well?

Andre: I don’t think I have any.

Ibcity Announcer: Has anyone (caller) made you feel embarrassed while on air?

Andre: Nah None

Ibcity Announcer: You recently ventured into TV anchoring educational shows. Is that where we shall be having more of you now?

Andre: Well, not exactly, at the same time let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Ibcity Announcer: What has been your experience in Ibadan?

Andre: Ibadan is a beautiful, calm city. It is a place for a freshman to thrive, discover more of themselves. It is actually a pacesetting city for a freshman. By a freshman I mean someone who is beginning a career. It gives enough room to set the pace for a career.

Ibcity Announcer: Where is your favourite hangout spot?

Andre: Up the Mokola Hill (Premier Hotel). I know it is not your (winks) regular place right? My man and I would go there almost every night to cool off from 9pm till 1am by the pool side just sitting and chatting about random things. I would really miss that.

Ibcity Announcer: What will you miss about Ibadan?

Andre: Its serenity

Ibcity Announcer: Where will you recommend for anyone to visit in Ibadan for a nice experience?

Andre: Now there are a lot of places that I have been to. Though I don’t really hangout a lot as I do much of indoor reading but when I feel like it, I visit the Filmhouse cinema and Agodi gardens

For tourists, I will recommend; The Bowers Towers, Mapo Hall, the palace of the Olubadan of Ibadan land and some other interior parts of Ibadan.

Ibcity Announcer: Where is your favourite restaurant?

Andre: Well, I eat out only when I cannot cook that particular food I am craving and in Ibadan they make the best Amala (Abula is my favourite). So, I visit Amala Skye.

Ibcity Announcer: You have it all, a beautiful face, a charming smile, an infectious laugh, an amazing voice and a cerebral mind. What will you consider as your best attribute?

Andre: My laugh is my signature!!! It is underneath my vice. It is in the sound of my voice acting when you hear the sound of the laughter its Andre (smiles). However, my voice is also a huge selling point (winks)



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