Ronke Giwa leads Walk Against Rape in Ibadan

As part of activities marking this year’s edition of the Who’s That Girl, foremost Ibadan On Air Diva, Ronke Giwa Onafuwa, today led a procession against the rape menace in the society.

Lately, the menace of rape has pervaded the society calling for genuine concerns from all well-meaning individuals in the society. This prompted the initiative by the popular Ibadan OAP to lead a protest against the menace aimed at enlightening the public on the reality of the societal evil.

The Walk which had young boys and girls in attendance started at about 9a.m in the morning beginning from Iyaganku in Ibadan leading through to Aleshinloye market. Participants carry placards with inscription such as “REAL MEN DON”T RAPE”, NO MEANS NO, “the cause of rape is a Rapist”, RAPE IS A CRIME, Ibadan Against Rape, etc.

The events continues with the Who’s That Girls Conference on Sunday at Jogor centre by 1pm.

#WorldCancerDay : Things To Know About The Deadly Disease

Today the 4th of February every year, the world marks the World Cancer Day. Cancer is a deadly disease that is current ravage the society. Virtually every society: the developed and the underdeveloped societies suffer from deadly disease. While those in the developed countries manage the crisis well due to availability of good medical facilities, those in the less developed countries seems to suffer more and record high mortality rate as a result of this disease.

Cancer is the single name assigned to more than 100 diseases. Though cancer was once referred to as a “wasting disease,” it’s actually the result of abnormal cells that multiply and spread out of control, damaging healthy cells along the way. Most cancers result in tumors but those that affect the blood do not. Cancer can occur in any part of your body.

Among Children, 175,000 cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Cancer is the #1 disease killer among children. The survival rates among children with cancer are not improving because the conventional treatments (chemo and radiation) make things worse and there’s very little emphasis on finding the cause rather than merely treating symptom

Among women, Breast, colorectal, lung & bronchus, cervical, and stomach cancer are the most common types worldwide for which women are diagnosed (new cases) according to statistics gathered by WHO. Out of these, breast cancer seems to be the most common in this part of the world. Early detection increases breast cancer survival rates substantially.

Among men, Lung & bronchus, prostate, colorectal, stomach, and liver are the most common types worldwide for which men are diagnosed (new cases), according to statistics gathered by WHO.

Interestingly, Healthy cells have a built-in directive to commit “cell suicide” called apoptosis. This is the process by which the cell recognizes that damage is present and destroys itself to protect the rest of the body. In cancer cells, this automatic process is absent but scientists don’t know why. Cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and heart disease have all been linked to a breakdown in apoptosis. There are foods proven to force this process to engage in cancer cells, destroying them naturally and safely.

Causes of Cancer


Only a very small percentage of cancers (between 5-10%) have a genetic link. When the “experts” tell you most cancers are genetic, they’re not being truthful. However, despite the statement that research confirms most patients didn’t inherit some mysterious “cancer curse” from their parents, immediate families tend to have the same habits, eat the same foods, and are exposed to the same toxins. Cleaning up your diet, exercising, and detoxification are extremely important for every member of your family


Environmental factors can increase your risk of cancer. The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat are all important. Pollution, heavy metal toxicity, and even personal care and household cleaning products can damage the cells in your body. Your home and workplace are the two places you spend the majority of your time. Evaluating (and then reducing) the possible toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis is a strong step to cancer prevention.


More than 90% of all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking and 22% of all cancer deaths are due to lung cancer resulting from smoking. Tobacco product use is the most preventable cause of cancer worldwide. Survival rates for lung cancer are less than 20% and if you’re a smoker who’s exposed to inhaled toxins where you work, your chance of survival drops to just over 3%. It’s the carcinogenic chemicals used in the process of manufacturing tobacco products that cause cancer – not the tobacco itself. A single cigarette contains 69 known cancer-causing carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals. Someone dies from lung cancer every 30 seconds around the world… about the time it took you to read this paragraph.


Popular cold cuts, sausage, hot dogs, and bacon contain nitrates. They’re listed on the label as sodium nitrate and potassium nitrite. Nitrates are chemical additives used in processed meats to preserve them and add flavor. Preparation with high heat and ingestion causes a chemical reaction with the digestive fluids in your body, converting nitrates to nitrites, which is a known carcinogen. Nitrates also filter into groundwater from the use of fertilizer – so be sure to filter your drinking water.


Research has confirmed that obesity increases your risk of cancer as well as every other major disease or condition. It can also affect your chances of survival should you be diagnosed. In one study of post-menopausal women with breast cancer, the survival rates were higher in women who maintained a healthy body weight. Prediabetes increases your risk of cancer by 15% in addition to the risk from obesity. 

Insufficient Sleep time

This is a cancer fact that many don’t see coming. Sleep deprivation – defined as getting less than six hours of sleep per day – increases your risk of colon cancer. Recent studies also showed a higher risk of cancer among those who work night shift schedules. It makes sense. The benefit of healing sleep is one of the most underestimated ways to keep your body strong and cancer-free.


Globally, one in every eight deaths is caused by cancer. A painful cancer fact is that this disease causes more deaths than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined. Approximately 70% of cancer deaths occur to those of low and middle incomes. Currently, there are about 33 million cancer survivors around the world (within 5 years of diagnosis).


Going for regular check up and diagnosis is quite essential in the management and cure of cancer. You may experience no symptoms of ovarian cancer, lung cancer, or colon cancer until the cancer cells spread to other areas of your body. Early screening is imperative to catching these cancers in time.


Scientific experts worldwide agree that at least half of all cancers and cancer-related deaths are preventable. In 2012, two million deaths globally were attributed to cancer according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Preventing half of those deaths is an excellent place to start.

Avoiding tobacco smoking is a good way to avoid cancer especially lung cancer. Also often overlooked as stated above is the value of sleep. Getting sufficient amount of sleep in the day is important. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep everyday to aloe the body function effectively. If 8 hours can’t be afforded, then a 6 hours sleep minimum is essential.

The importance of nutrition cannot be over stated. We are what we eat. What you eat matters. The most common cancer-causing foods are refined sugar and flour, soda, microwave popcorn, food in cans produced with BPA, grilled or processed meat, and hydrogenated oils. The choices you make every day can raise or lower your personal cancer risk. As mentioned in #16, there are specific foods that trigger damaged cells (such as those that lead to cancer) to self-destruct via apoptosis. Green tea, berries, turmeric, avocados, garlic, kale, and even dark chocolate are just a few that target and destroy cancer cells. You can prevent and fight cancer from the inside out!


Akin Alabi,Omojuwa, others inspire the Youths at #YECOIbadan

It was a packed, fun filled and enlightened atmosphere as the city of Ibadan played host to the Crème de la Crème of Youth and Entrepreneurship development in Nigeria at the 2019 Youth Enterprise Conference organized by the founder of the popular betting company Oloye Akin Alabi held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan. The well attended event played host to successful Nigerian entrepreneurs such as Media entrepreneur, Japhet Omojuwa, Sports Media and Marketing Professional, Biola kazeem, Soupamarkert CEO, Olashile Abayomi, brain behind Irokotv, Jason Njoku, Co-founder Digital Nexus Interactive, Roland Nzimora, among others.

In a packed hall filled with the youthful minds, Business leaders and icons all took turns to teach inspire and encourage entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs on the basic rudiments and principles that can guarantee success in their chosen areas of business.
Foremost Blogger and Media entrepreneur Japhet Omojuwa advised the youths to widen their knowledge horizon by reading books and also make profitable use of social media in their businesses. According to him, the huge potentials of the Social Media in this part of the world are still largely left untapped and not fully unharnessed waiting for the ingenuity of the youths to explore the potentials. He further noted that the potentials are only going to continue to get bigger with time.
He however advised the youths to be cautious of the good and bad aspects and effects of social media. According to him, the social media is not a reality but a perspective, a perspective that someone wants you to see.”
The CEO of Soupamarket Mrs. Olashile Abayomi, who shared her personal story emphasized the importance of God and being unique in once business. According to her, the God factor is one that cannot be relegated, in fact she is a ‘product of grace’. She recalled how she missed an interview with a big Oil and Gas company and how the episode helped her to discover her purpose. She also narrated her ordeal in the hands of friend and classmates who mocked her while selling food beside her church every Sunday and the negative effects it has on her and how she was able to overcome those challenges. She advised would be entrepreneurs to strive to stand out and be unique in their line of business. For her, ‘even if there are thousand as of people doing exactly what you are doing, try to be exclusive and unique.’
Also speaking at the event, sports media professional Biola Hakeem emphasized the importance of tenacity and doggedness in the pursuit of one’s passion. Narrating his foray into the sports media business Mr Hakeem noted that he has always been a sports enthusiast while growing up and felt he could do what the sports presenters on TV could do. His preparedness and persistent paid off when he was handed his first contract as a sports analyst of TV. He therefore advised the youths to always be prepared for opportunities and be dogged in their pursuit of their dreams and desires.

The convener Akin Alabi challenged the youths to surround themselves with people who can motivate them to success. Sharing his own experience, he advised them not to be afraid of starting small and feeding on the needs of the people to make and grow their products so as to achieve success. According to him, Getting a market before creating a product is important in business planning.
At the event gift items which include jersey and books were given to some attendees. Oloye Akin Alabi also awarded a cash gift of #100,000 each to ten deserving entrepreneurs in their effort to grow their businesses.
A major highlight of the event was a cash reward to an attendee who came all the way from Maiduguri in order to attend the event. He was given a cash gift of #132,000 for compensation and encouragement.
The Youth Enterprise Conference is a yearly event hosted by Oloye Akin Alabi in a bid to encourage and motivate business and would be business owners in their business endeavors. This is the first time the event will be held in the city of Ibadan.

The Return Of Edmund Obilo to Splash FM: The Cloned Or The Real?

Home, they say, is where the heart is. East, West, North or South. There is no place like home. Home is the Best. Edmund Obilo is back Home!

Perhaps the most dominant and well celebrated news across all spheres in the city of Ibadan, apparently apart from the Political news, is the announcement that Edmund Obilo is back in Splash FM. This announcement which was made by Edmund Obilo himself via a Facebook and twitter posts was roundly communicated and celebrated on Splash FM and its sister station, Lagelu FM. This revelation which came as an unexpected surprise to so many people is one that comes with mixed feeling. Hope this is not and won’t be a cloned Edmund but the real firebrand, radio listeners’ delight we used to know before he left for his sojourn across other radio stations.

Earlier in the month, Edmund Obilo had on his Facebook page, made his intention known about leaving the radio for the time being, apparently to concentrate on his own radio platform: Bush Radio, his podcast and his Signature venture Twinkle as alternative platforms for engaging the people. Before the announcement he had been active on Radio with Inspiration FM both in Ibadan and in Lagos, Rave FM in Oshogbo, Osun state as well as other media platforms.

Leaving the Radio for a Radio man in the mold of Edmund Obilo, is unthinkable especially now that we are in the political season toward the 2019 elections. The sudden change of mind calls for questions.

Why the sudden change?

That Edmund Obilo used to be the darling of radio listerners is a fact that cannot be over emphasized. Everyone, young and old, would eagerly anticipate his coming on air due to a combination of factors such as the respect he commands with his captivating voice, his scholarly mind with which he analyses and dissect local, national and international issues, the courage to ask difficult questions from whoever is his guest on his programs as well as the caliber of persons who he invites as guest on his shows. The combination of these factors made him a house hold name in the “Radio sphere” both in Ibadan and its environs. People loved Edmund.

His time at Splash FM was the blossoming years for both himself and the station. He came and erected himself into the consciousness of many. Before then Edmund Obilo had worked in various capacity at different organization. I understand he was as a sports presenter on Premier FM, Ibadan.

The circumstances that surrounded the exit of Edmund Obilo remain quite hazy. However speculation was rife that it had to do with the disagreement he has with the daughter of the owner of the station, Chief Adebayo Akande. This acrimonious exit left a bitter taste in the mouth of many in Ibadan. The BringbackEdmund trended relatively thereafter. but before then there were evident signs of cracks in the wall of the relationship between the station and Edmund, he once went AWOL without informing listeners when it was not a time for his usual annual leave. This led to speculations that the powers that-be were at logger heads with him. Up till date an interview with a personality who openly criticized the Alaafin of Oyo was never aired after an appetizer was served. He went on a short break or leave afterwards.

The famous displeasure that the Executive Governor of the State Abiola Ajimobi aired over the absence of Edmund from the interview he had invited him to was remarkable. (That edition of the program was anchored by the duo of Oluwaseun Akinola and Michael Olatubosun). This underscored how important Edmund Obilo was.  Edmund came back on air to give a resounding apology to the Governor.  However, the cracks with the station only grew wider until his exit from the station.

Before his exit from the station, Edmund brought to Splash FM the cream de la crème of Nigeria’s political, socio-economic and cultural scene. That is no small measure boosted the coverage and the status that Splash FM had, not just in the southwest but also across the country. The reputation and ratings were high. The arrival of other stations could not affect their ratings overwhelmingly. Perhaps the newest and boldest kid in town at the time; Fresh FM owned by popular musician Yinka Ayefele could lay claim to ruffling the feathers of Splash FM. Fresh FM came with a bang and a brand that Ibadan residence fell in love with. Till today the battle of supremacy still rages on between the two Radio Stations.

To say the exit of Edmund Obilo from Splash FM shocked the whole state will be an understatement. Radio was no longer the same. Current affairs was no longer the same. Splash FM never remained the same and Edmund Obilo with all his subsequent achievements and successes no longer remain the same.  With Edmund’s exit, Fresh FM instinctively took over in the consciousness of many.

Why Edmund had to come back?

The coming home (Splash FM) of Edmund is quite suspicious and auspicious at this time, approaching the elections 2019. There is perhaps no prize for guessing why.

Since leaving Splash FM Edmund Obilo has tried his hands on many endeavors many of which were largely successful. His Bush Radio which is an online radio kicked off, Twinkle was running so was his Radio programmes on various Radio Stations). Inspiration FM was lucky to have him, (he gave them some more traffic especially whenever he was on air). However he wasn’t the same. No disrespect to any station but apparently there is only one Splash FM.

In the same vein, Splash FM too was lacking the feel and vibe that it once had especially in current affairs. No disrespect to other presenters, they are no Edmund Obilo. Thus the feel needed to be back especially as the rivalry between Splash FM and Fresh FM got heightened. Amusingly, Splash had to continually remind us that they are the best. A look at their official Facebook page would reveal the hunger to continually claim that spot. However, they needed someone who could give a further push and effort to their tiring struggle. Edmund is the missing link.

The Political season is back with campaigns gearing up and various personalities revving up to air their programs and manifesto. Radio Stations need that commanding, courageous voice to interrogate and ask serious questions from personalities and contestants. There used to be no better voice in Ibadan than Edmund Obilo. He was the big fish that eminent personalities will not hesitate to jump on his programmes for interviews. Splash FM realizes this and they sure are cashing in on his availability as we approach 2019 electioneering . A big personality like Edmund needs a big platform and vice versa. Thus the new albeit renewed relationship between Edmund and splash is basically a symbiotic relationship. No individual is greater than an establishment but there are some persons who are indispensable. Just as Christine Amanpour, Jake Tapper, are to CNN and Sean Hannity is to Fox News so also is/was Edmund Obilo to Splash FM.

The Fresh FM Rivalry

In all honesty, the major rivalry that exists between Splash FM and neighbouring Fresh FM can be compared with the El Classico rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. As stated earlier, the arrival to the scene of Fresh FM gave a very good alternative to persons who already suspected that Splash FM was being biased and perceived as being pro-government not even with the perceived persecution of Edmund on the radio. Fresh FM appears more critical of the government and people keyed into their programs. With the likes of Tope Edward, Rolake Bello and Isaac Brown, they began to share listeners. ‘Freshly Pressed’ by Tope Edward is a darling, challenging Ronke Giwa’s ‘Straight from the Dailies’. ‘Voices’ later known as ‘The Conversation’ challenged by ‘Political circuit’, ‘Tifuntedo’ is being challenged by ‘Ajaabale’, ‘Gbanko-gbi’ challenged by ‘O gbenu tan’ etc Their various programmes and time slots were made to coincide and the competition for supremacy became too vivid to ignore.

The exit of Edmund Obilo from Splash FM was like the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. They struggled. Indeed while no player is bigger than the club some players carry the image and values of the club. A Barcelona without a Lionel Messi would struggle for a while before a replacement is gotten. Manchester United has not recovered from the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson (Ferguson is a manger anyway). While these analogies may not adequately paint the picture, they offer a snippet into the reality of the issue. Splash still remains Splash after the exit of Edmund as the most listened to radio station, but the presence of Edmund elevates this status more.

Edmund on the other hand struggled a bit from his exit from Splash. His stay with other Stations did not really offer him that latitude and exposure that Splash gave him. Bush Radio, Twinkle were brilliant avenues to reinvent his mojo. None of these ventures matched his popularity and coverage while in Splash FM. It is like a Ronaldo playing in Everton or Valencia. (Forgive the comparism). Big players need big clubs to flourish.

The Ajimobi Factor

Apparently Governor Ajimobi has a special relationship with Edmund Obilo as a journalist. perhaps no Ibadan based journalist commands the kind of respect that Edmund commands with Ajimobi. He was frequently available for interview especially by Edmund. As he is gradually rounding up his tenure as governor of the state, he needs that medium to air his position on his accomplishments and even so his plans as he is gunning for a senatorial seat in his district. The friendly relationship the governor and the APC government has with Splash FM is an open secret. It would not be difficult for the governor to have an interview with anyone in Splash, it would seem, but that is not as easy it seems. With his influence, there are speculations that he was involved in persuading Splash to sign him back into the fold. With Edmund being a free agent and with a juicy contract to sign, the job becomes simpler (forgive my footballing terms).

But the question in the mind of many people considering his manner of initial exit is: which Edmund is back. Is it the fiery Edmund of 2008 to 2015, a very vivacious, critical and unabashed Edmund or a ‘compromised’ Edmund? In this period of suspicion of cloning, (Nnamdi Kanu and President Buhari are alleged to be their cloned self) hope we are not having a cloned Edmund back to the saddle, perhaps just for the ratings. The timing itself raises suspicion but it is indeed a welcome anxiety.

With Edmund Obilo back, the spark in the political scene is undoubtedly back. We can only enjoy the spectacle.

Opinion By Victor Alagogooko for IbadanCity ANNOUNCER

Is FoodCo the face of Business in Ibadan?

The economic climate in Ibadan is set to experience a new episode as FoodCo a leading retail and shopping outfit in Ibadan opens a new outlet in Ring Road, perhaps the biggest and grandest of them all in the city.

From a humble beginning in a stall to a building at Bodija, FoodCo has grown into a chain store that changed the face of shopping in Ibadan. In total, FoodCo now has Eight outlets spread across the city of Ibadan; Bodija, Idi Ape, Dugbe, Jericho, Apata, Monatan, Akobo and now Ring Road. I will wager that more outlets are still coming.

The famous business anecdotal phrase of “Start Small, Grow Big” can be said to apply to the emergence and growth of the FoodCo brand of business in Ibadan. For many entrepreneurs, this is often as a grand maxim that they love to quote and abide by.

Founded in 1982 by Mrs Iyabo Sun-Bashorun FoodCo has specialized in retail of consumer goods and fresh food items that has served the residents of Ibadan well in providing quality and affordable services. As recently stated by the Executive Director of the company Engineer Ade Sun-Bashorun, “The longevity of our business is in our excellent service delivery which has allowed us to serve generations of our consumers’ families. Some of our consumers grew up shopping here with their parents and today, their own children are also here socializing while shopping along the supermarket aisle or eating at the restaurant section.”

To say that over the years, FoodCo has enjoyed a remarkable monopoly at the echelon of serving the people of Ibadan in quality shopping experience would not be an overstatement. This is not in any way bid to discountenance the other existing and popular brands that are also in the business affording people the quality shopping experience in the city. However, this monopoly was broken with the arrival of Shoprite in the city.

The arrival of Shoprite in the city of Ibadan in a remarkable way boosted the consumer goods marketing and retailing enterprise in city. Shoprite brought a new feel to the shopping experience. Perhaps it has to do with the allure of the ‘lower prices you can trust’ tag or the ambience and environment with which people can take pictures and relax that it affords. Every person; young and old, male and female sees Shoprite as the ideal and often convenient place to go to. Some persons who visit Shoprite do so simply to take pictures as it provides that oversea or European feel to it.

However, FoodCo seem to have risen to the challenge posed by Shoprite and reclaim its pride of place by not only by opening up new outlets but rebranding its service to compare with and better that which Shoprite affords.

The newest outlet being opened can infact be seen as direct challenge to the rather monopolistic hold Shoprite has on peoples shopping experience in and around the bustling Ring Road, challenge and adjoining areas of the city. It would not be an understatement to say it is their most daring enterprise yet Big and Bold. The refurbished and imposing building directly in front of Chicken Republic along Ring Road would definitely offer Ibadan residents a new feel of exquisite shopping experience

More spectacularly, in this new outlet, costumers aren’t just going to walk in to purchase their goods as usual, they would also have a chance to relax and recreate at their recreational and entertainment centre.

While this achievement should be celebrated, it is important not to lose sight of the journey it has taken to get to this grand stage of providing great shopping experience for people. The journey started 36 years ago as a stall. Started small but with will and diligence and hard work by the owner and brains behind the brand, like  a mustard seed, watered and cultured, FoodCo has grown into a giant Business Iroko tree in Ibadan land. This is an inspiring lesson for young entrepreneurs and business minded individuals in city, state and the country at large.

The FoodCo brand is uniquely Ibadan. It can be said to be an Ibadan-owned franchise. Say Ibadan, say FoodCo. As far as Ibadan is concerned, say shopping, say FoodCo?

Report by Victor Alagogooko For IbadanCity ANNOUNCER