Why I don’t grant press interview anymore- Edmund Obilo.

It is a bit strange that a notable newsman and ace On Air Personality, Public Speaker and Commentator Mr. Edmund Obilo does not grant press interviews anymore.
IbadanCityAnnouncer reporter who approached the Radio man for a quick chat at a function where he was also one of the lead speakers reports that Mr Obilo turned down his request with a smile while offering his reason, including his resolve to lift the embargo very soon.

According to the popular Radio Presenter, he stopped granting interviews because some journalists do not know how to put opinions in proper perspectives and give an appropriate caption to his opinion. In his words “I granted an interview to a news media for 2 hours and spoke extensively on matters of great interest and importance to this country, but when I saw the published interview I was disappointed with the headline and even the content of the interview because it was edited to the point that everything I said was reduced to mere entertainment and the headline read “Why Obilo does not wear wristwatch”.
He expressed his disappointment on the account of the fact that the efforts he put into expressing his lucid opinion on issues of national interest were watered down and his opinion reduced to mere entertainment gist with laughable caption of why he doesn’t wear a wrist watch. It was against this background that he resolved to put a hold to the granting of interviews.
Our reporter however probed further to know if he was going to rescind his decision soonest as people are eager to have his perspective on some raging issues of nations interest. He acknowledged that he has been having series of request for interviews but ascertained that he has been very busy working on some projects. He is however thinking of lifting the embargo anytime soon so as to honour those requests. “Keep in touch, I will grant your interview as soon as I lift the embargo”. He concluded.

Report By Adefarati Abiodun for IbadanCityAnnouncer

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