Okada Rider, Passenger Crush To Death In Ibadan

Two people have lost their lives in a fatal road accident early today, the accident, caused by a Trailer Truck driver who was suspected to be making phone call while driving along Orita Challenge – New Garage area Ibadan.

According to eye witnesses at the scene of the ghastly accident, the Okada rider and the passenger were coming from Orita Challenge while the Trailer Truck was coming from New Garage toward Orita Challenge Ibadan when he suddenly rammed into the Okada rider and the passenger who was carrying nylon bag of pepper.
The Okada rider and the passenger died on the spot as the Trailer Truck crushed them between the Tyres while the passengers inside a tricycle was lucky to escape after been dragged some few metres away from the road by the Trailer Truck.
The bodies of the Okada rider and the passenger have been deposited at Adeoyo Hospital by the men of the Nigerian Police, Orita Challenge division.

Pictures by Olawale Awe for IbadanCityAnnouncer

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