The Hephzibah Initiative encourages teenagers to Stand Out

It was an atmosphere of educative and enlightening interaction as students and teenagers from various schools gathered at the All Saints Hall, Jericho, Ibadan for the Fifth edition of The Hephzibah Initiative’s Stand Out teens conference.

The event which is the brain child of Miss Hepzibah Olokode was meant to encourage teenagers and young Nigerians to live a healthy, focused and purpose driven life with the determination to excel and standout among their generation hence the theme: Teenagers living an inspired Life.

The event which had in attendance notable speakers and facilitators such as Mr Adeniyi Atiba, Mrs Tinu Smith and Mr. Sanmi Adebunmi also had popular Ibadan On Air Personality Perpetua Ohacho as the MC.

The different speakers took turns to advise the students to make efforts towards achieving success in their identified goals in life as well as living intentional lives. The students were also advised to churn negative vices that could derail their goals and dreams in life. The students were also intimated about the various developments in the bodily systems both emotional and sexual and how they could channel the energies into positive and productive uses.

The convener Miss Hephzibah expressed appreciation and gratitude for the success of the 5th edition of initiative. While speaking with our reporter after the event, she acknowledged the drive to be able to impart the life of the teenagers; a drive which has been her life’s dream since she was young child. She identifies the initiative as a passion and hopes it becomes a seed that goes a long way in shaping and moulding the life of the upcoming generations.

She expressed appreciation for the large and impressive turnout and hope those that were present would spread the news and ideas they have learnt to their peers around the globe.

She advised students to live a life that stands out beyond their peers. She encouraged every teenager to be unique in whatever they do and not give in to negative peer pressures that could influence them into engaging in nefarious activities that could jeopardize their future. 

Present at the event were students from Starlight College, Solid Bridge, Oxford Brokers, Optimum Comprehensive College, Cenfex High school and Lead City International.

The popular dance group; Cymbals Dance Group was on hand to spice up the event with some entertaining dances.

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