The people of Oyo State, Nigeria and indeed the whole world will recall the highly condemnable events of Monday 6th June 2016 which witnessed violence and wanton destruction of government property and those of individuals and corporate bodies by students and teachers of some schools in Oyo State.

This violent activity threatened the peace and security of the state and endangered the lives of the students who participated in this breach of peace and affront on constituted authority. Consequently, the Oyo State Government was constrained to shut down public schools throughout the State to safeguard the lives of the students and protect the lives and property of the citizenry; a decision that was taken in the line of its primary duty of ensuring peace and safety in the state.

Following several representations by the Parents Teachers Association, Community Leaders, Religious leaders, Traditional Rulers, Prominent and well meaning Nigerians at home and abroad, the Oyo State Government has decided to reopen public schools in the State with effect from Monday 11th July 2016.

However, the seventeen schools that participated in the violent demonstration are excluded from Government’s reopen order.

The Affected schools are:
Baptist Secondary School, Senior and Junior, Oke Ado, Ibadan
Ansarudeen Secondary School, Liberty Road Ibadan Ansarudeen High School, Liberty Road, Ibadan, Ibadan Grammar School, Senior and Junior,Molete, Ibadan
Olubi Memorial Grammar SchooL, Molete, Ibadan,

St Luke Grammar School, Senior and Junior, Molete, Ibadan
St Luke College, Molete, Ibadan
Yejide Girls Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan

Methodist Grammar School, Senior and Junior Bodija, Ibadan
Methodist Secondary School, Bodija,(Favos) Ibadan

Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Bashorun, Idi ape, Ibadan
Ikolaba Grammar School, Agodi, Ibadan
Ikolaba Secondary School, Agodi, Ibadan
Ikolaba High School, Agodi, Ibadan
Lagelu Grammar School, Agugu, Ibadan
Okebadan High School, Oluyoro, Ibadan
Ibadan Boys High School, Okebola, Ibadan

The affected schools will remain shut until the principals and the management of the schools submit an undertaking to the government that the students under their care will not engage in nor be used for violent acts and that their safety will be guaranteed.

Considering the need for strong character moulding and to emphasize the importance of good conduct and acceptable behaviour for the leaders of tomorrow, the students must tender a written apology to the government through the school management.

The Government of Oyo State wishes to reiterate its commitment to ensuring the security and safety of lives and property within the state.



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