MYSTERY: Man hangs self in Ibadan

What could have prompted 37 years old Mr Shina Adebisi , an Okada rider, father of 3 children, married twice but separated to take his own life? This was the million dollars question being asked by many people present at Okeseni area of Ibadan this morning, when they gathered to catch a glimpse of the lifeless dangling body of the man who hanged himself inside his poorly lit one room apartment in an old one storey building.

IbadanCityAnnouncer photographer Olawale Awe who captured the sad scene spoke with some of the man’s neighbours to unravel the mystery behind the man taking his own life in such a cruel manner.

Among the bewildered persons at the scene was Mrs. Abiodun Afolabi who introduced herself as the younger sister to the deceased. She told IbadanCityAnnouncer that the man was married to two wives but none of them lives with him because he has separated from the two women. She also said the deceased has 3 Children, the eldest is 17years and he was an Okada rider at Laskab Oniyanrin area Ibadan.

Another person who spoke with us on the incident, Mrs. Muilim Aliu, a fellow tenant described Mr. Shina Adebisi as a very reserved person who minded his own business, he doesn’t talk to people, he leaves the house very early in the morning and comes back late in the night everyday.
Mrs. Musilim also narrated to us how the lifeless body of Mr. shina was discovered this morning.” Some member of his Okada union came to ask of him this morning when they did not see him at work, as it was very unusual of him. They met me outside and I told them he must have gone out but since they didn’t see him at work they decided to go inside to confirm. I was outside eating when I heard them shouting from inside the house and this prompted me to check why they were shouting, I went up stair and I saw Shina hanging by his window”

Another tenant who spoke under anonymity told us that all tenants in the house live together as family and she could not fathom what prompted him to commit suicide.
She said “anything like this has never happened in this house and there have been no major misunderstand among the tenants in recent times that could bring any bad blood to warrant something like this”. She confirmed that Mr. Shina was the only one living in the room.

The lifeless body of Mr Shina Adebisi was yet to be brought down when IbadanCityAnnouncer left the scene of the incident at about 12:05pm.

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