AYEFELE MUSIC HOUSE: Oyo Govt. Claims Ignorance Of FRESH FM Demolition.

Toye Arulogun denies involvement in demolition

The Oyo State government has denied claims that it underwent the demolition of the Yinka Ayefele owned Music House and Radio Station. The demolition exercise which took place at the early hours of Sunday morning has generated a lot of controversy and thrown the government on the defensive.

Appearing before Justice Iyabo Yerima of the State High Court at Ring Road Ibadan, The counsel to the Oyo state government Mr. Yomi Aliyu claimed that contrary to widespread speculations and opinions, the defendants, Gov Abiola Ajimobi and the Mr Bola Abimbola heard and read about the demolition, like everyone else and expressed shock at the development. He further claimed that the state government, upon awareness of the demolition has instituted a panel of enquiry to identify those responsible for the nefarious act.
According to him, “My clients are men of honour that respects the rule of law and Constituted Authority and will have no reason to demolish the said property”

The counsel to the claimant Mr Olayinka Bolanle decried the act of the defendant saying despite being served of the case and a restraining order to stay action on the demolition, the state government went ahead to embark on the demolition exercise. He further prayed the court to emphasize its earlier order restraining the defendant from further embarking on the demolition of the rest property.
The counsel to the defendant, Mr Yomi Aliyu prayed the court to adjourn the case until the 12thb of September as he was appearing under protest. Due to the fact that the mandatory 30 day notice or 5 days of application has not been met. The adjournment would afford the defendant to put his case together.
Furthermore, He claimed that two of the defendants claimed that the ministries of physical planning and the ministry of environment which were served as codefendants were nonexistent.
Justice Iyabo Yerima adjourned sitting till the 12th of September, 2018.
Speaking to newsmen after the court session, the claimant counsel, Mr Olayinka Bolanle expressed the fact that the defendants were duly served. According to him, “We filed this case in court on the 15th, we got all the defendants served by the 16th. They had notice of the application for interlocutory injunction that is in court and they went in the wee hours of Sunday between 4am and 6am to destroy the properties of Yinka Ayefele. We reported what transpired in the court and their counsel came up with the excuse that they he is just being briefed and that the Oyo state government had no knowledge of the demolition and they are trying to set up a panel of enquiry. That is ridiculous.”
Reacting to the claims by the counsel to the defendant that two of the defendants that were served were nonexistent the claimant counsel noted; “The notice that they issued to my client bore the name against which they were sued, so if they are claiming that they are using dead organization to harass and destroy people’s property, then good luck to them”.

He further expressed confidence that the demolition will be discontinued in respect to the rule of law. ‘The law is clear, regardless of whether the court goes ahead to make a positive order of injunction. The law is clear, once an application for interlocutory injunction as we have on hand is served and they are aware. They are to maintain status quo until the issues are taken. That is the clear position of the law’.
In another development, the Oyo state commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Toye Arulogun has denied any involvement in the demolition exercise saying the Chairman and owner of the Music house (Fresh fm) was wrong to have claimed that he was behind the incident.
Mr Yinka Ayefele had gone on air, after the station reopened, to claim that Mr. Toye Arulogun was the brain behind it. “Special thanks to Toye Arulogun for he was the one who suggested the demolition” Mr Ayefele had said.
Mr Arulogun however noted that the state government would address the issue in due time.

Reports by Victor Alagogooko for IbadanCity ANNOUNCER

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