Our Prosperity is not far from our Passion – Rev Adeoti

holds Church Annual Convention and Dedication

The importance of daring to dream, in connection with God, is of a very great importance in the drive of people towards achieving their destiny. Of utmost importance are the need and the importance of the younger generation to stick with their passion and areas of interests so as to unlock their potentials for the development of the society.

The Pastor of Dare to Dream Christian Centre, Rev. Yemi Adeoti made these known while fielding questions from our correspondence in preparation for the church’s upcoming anniversary celebration which comes up between 28th of July through 1st of August. According to him, everybody in life has a dream and the living and fulfillment of dream is dependent on one’s connection with God.
Rev Adeoti noted “People need to establish genuine foundational relationship with God. That is a stabilizing factor in life. It is the spring board from which all other things come from. A good foundation in God gives us the strength and stamina to deal with issues and challenges that we might encounter in life in the course of achieving our dreams and actualizing our potentials”. According to him, ‘it is important to have a clear understanding of your purpose in life. If people realize from their early age God’s purpose for them, the reason for their making achieving their dreams will not difficult, “if I know the reason for my making I am not going to be beating around the bush trying to pursue all kinds of things. I will narrow my focus to that thing and all my energy will be there, most of the time the reason people are spreading themselves all over the place is because they don’t have clarity of purpose. The understanding of the purpose of one’s life can help people to focus and bring all their energy to bear on that thing which you are meant to fulfill”.
He also emphasized the importance of timing in one’s achievement of dreams. According to him, some things in life are time bound. In the fulfillment of destiny and purpose, some things can be late which means early fulfillment of dreams and purpose in life. An eighty year old man playing football is doing it at a late time no matter the passion one has for it. There are some opportunities with destinies that are time bound. If you don’t move when you are supposed to move, the window might shut. However, some windows of opportunity will not always be there. It is only in matters of salvation of souls that time is not bound and can only be late when one is dead. As such, the connection we have with God makes it easy for us to identify opportunities in time.
Thus, he emphasized the fact that the mission of the ministry is to help people identify and understand God’s purpose and understand their God given talents so as to fulfill their God given dreams.

On the forthcoming Anniversary celebration, he noted that it is going to be an avenue for people to reconnect with their maker (God) in order to bring out the best in them. Moreso, it will give meaning to people’s dreams, ideas and visions. Family relationships will be made stronger and people in various kinds of bondage will be delivered. The three day program which is both an anniversary and inauguration will have in attendance Bishop Felix Adejumo as guest ministering. One of Ibadan Gospel artistes, Babatunmise will also be in attendance to minister in songs as well.

Report By Adefarati Abiodun, photograph by Opeyemi Sangotayo for IbadanCity ANNOUNCER

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