Victims Allege Oyo State Fire Service Deployed Truck In Poor Condition To Quench Orita Aperin Market Fire

Victims of Orita Aperin Market fire incident in Ibadan have alleged that truck deployed to the scene of the fire outbreak by officers of the Oyo State Fire Service that is not functioning properly caused huge damage recorded.
It was reported that goods worth millions of naira were destroyed as fire outbreak razed Orita Aperin Market in Ibadan at midnight of Friday, June 14th, 2019.
While addressing journalists at the scene of the fire incident on Saturday, Babaloja of the market, Abiodun Hammed noted that nobody in the market can identify the cause of the incident which occurred at midnight.
He revealed that goods worth several millions of naira were lost to the inferno.

According to Hammed “we alerted the  Oyo State Fire Service immediately the incident started at about 12 midnight, but unfortunately, when they got here, the nuzzle of their truck was not functioning, so we have to resolve to self help by putting out the fire ourselves hence, the huge damage recorded.”
Babaloja stated further that most of the owners of the shops affected by the fire outbreak have just stocked their shops and this contributed to to high value of goods affected by the incident.
“Many of the affected shops include shop of jewelries seller, food ingredients seller, provisions seller, palm oil seller and herbs seller among others. Jewelries worth about five million, six hundred thousand was the worth of jewelries were burnt.”

Mr. Abiodun Hammed appealed to the government of Oyo State to come to the aids of the victims, claimed that the loss and damaged done were too much for them to bear.
Mrs. Latifat Adegbola and Marian Oladepo who are some of the victims, alleged the damage would not have gone to the level if the Fire Men equipment deployed to the scene of the incident were functioning properly.
“All our goods have been consumed by fire and the remaining ones are useless, we are calling on the state government to come to our aids so that we can survive. 
“The incident would have not gone to that extent if the Oyo State Fire Service truck deployed to the scene was functioning properly,” the victims stated.

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