Man lynched, burnt to death in Ibadan for kidnapping

A middle aged man was on Wednesday burnt alive after he was caught kidnapping a young child around the Iwo road area of Ibadan.
The incident which drew a large number of people happened around the kajola area of Iwo road.
According to eye witness the alleged kidnapper was caught trying to kidnap a child and could not explain himself convincingly. The irate residents went berserk following the incidents and proceeded to beat the man with all sorts of materials. According to an eye witness some policemen who drove by about the time of the incident but refused to interfere in the situation and prevent the irate youth from lynching the man.
The man was later burnt alive by the irate youths.
Meanwhile according to reports the anger of the youth, prompting them to engage in the jungle justice, was not unconnected with the discovery of a den of kidnapper and ritualists around the area just days ago. According to reports, different dead bodies and skulls, belonging to old and young were discovered at the den.
This discovery was similar to that which was discovered at the Soka area in Ibadan. The discovery made years ago threw the City of Ibadan into amazement at the horrific practice, where innocent children and people are kidnapped to use for rituals, while some were lucky to be rescued several dead bodies and skulls were discovered at the place.

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