Ibarapa Polytechnic Students Protest Non-Accreditation Of Programmes

Some students of The Ibarapa Polytechnic in Eruwa have called on the school management and the State Government to intervene in the non accreditation of the some of the courses in the school. A reality they complain is impeding their onward deployment for NYSC programme and employability.
The students made the appeal while featuring on a current affairs programme on Fresh Fm, Ibadan. According to them they have been facing some challenges since been admitted to the institution due to non accreditation of their courses. While some students are lucky to have their courses accredited about 1000 students from various faculties and department were not so lucky.
According to the Students, the faculties affected and departments are Faculty of Engineering and the departments that are affected are; Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Electronics. At Faculty of Communications and Management Studies, the departments affected are; Office and Technology Management, Marketing, Accountancy, Purchasing and Supply and Public Administration. At the faculty of Science is Library and Information management.
They notice that their courses were not accredited in 2016 when they discovered that their course were not on the NYSC portal. We made several appeal to the Rector, Mr Iyiola Eyitayo and other relevant authorities.
“When we graduated in 2017 we noticed that nothing has been done we went back and laid the complaint we have even visited some traditional rulers to lay the complaints and they all promised to mediate on our behalf to resolve the issue.”
“After much time, we went to the Oyo state house of assembly and in fact the late speaker Hon Michael Adeyemo was aware of our plight, the incumbent Speaker is also aware. We also met Hon Adeleke and Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin. We went to the commissioner of Education Prof. Adeniyi Olowofela, who directed us to director of Higher Education Mr Adeosun. What we noticed is that they were not aware of what was going on in our school.”
“We also noticed a discrepancy between the notification of result given to students who offered courses that were accredited and those of us who were not accredited. We noticed that students who are going for NYSC had a security code on their notification of result while notification of result for students who are not slated for NYSC due to non accreditation only carry a 12 month validity period. This is despite paying about #38,500 to collect the notification of result.”
The students are thereby calling on relevant authorities to intervene in their plight and demanding among other things the accreditation of their courses, the validation of result and onward mobilization for the compulsory NYSC programme.

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