Ibadan Residents task President Buhari on Economy

Following his emergence as the winner of the just concluded Presidential election, residents of the Ibadan the capital of Oyo state have implored the president elect, Muhammadu Buhari to concentrate more efforts on fixing the country’s economy.
The residents who expressed divergent views on the emergence of the president stated that though the president tried in term of provision of infrastructural development and anti corruption, much more need stop be done in the area of nation’s economy.
Speaking with our correspondents today, some residents opined that the reason the President was only able to manage the fragment of votes that he was able to get in the 2015 election was due to the high level of poverty and unemployment that has bedeviled the country since 2015.
A resident, Mr Idowu Adebayo, while expressing concern over the conduct of the polls congratulated the president on his emergence. He nevertheless noted that a lot of Nigerians were not impressed with the way the president handled some critical issues such as the spate of insecurity and economy. According to him, “A lot of Nigerian s are aware of the somewhat laisser-faire disposition of the president to the killings in the country especially his inability to address the herdsmen/ farmers clash. This is perceived by some persons as lacking empathy and the capacity to tackle the menace headlong. It will be helpful if the President attends to the security challenges’.
More so, the rate of unemployment is very high and so also is the level of poverty. The president should do more to encourage investors in the country so that the teeming youths can be gainfully employed”.
A young resident Yemi Akintayo noted that the germane issue the government should focus on is unemployment and poverty. She noted that many graduates are just jobless and idle, due to the lack of jobs and also under employment. She lamented that the country keeps churning out graduates into the system without engaging them productively. She advised that without tackling these challenges there may be continual rise in crimes in the country as ‘an idle hand is the devil’s workshop’.

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