Driver makes illegal U-Turn, knocks down Okada Rider

IBADAN motorists driving through JAllen Dugbe Area toward Iyagangu- Alesinloye Market road onward GRA Quarter Ibadan were faced with a heavy traffic lock down which led to an accident involving  a blue RAVE 4 Jeep and an Okada rider around Iyaganku Central Police station this afternoon around 13:02pm.

IbadanCityAnnouncer reporter who was on assignment witnessed the accident. The accident which involved a blue rave 4  and Okada rider, the driver of RAVE 4 Jeep was making an impromptu U-TURN in the middle of the road to avoid the long stretch of hold up from JAllen area down to Iyagangu area toward Alesinloye-GRA Quarter intersection Ibadan when he suddenly hit an oncoming Okada rider who was coming on high speed riding toward JAllen Dugbe Area Ibadan.

“The motorcycle rider tried to speed past the driver’s change of course but his calculations were misjudged as the Car driver slammed him and his bike to the ground. It caused an immediate uproar as the resulting sound effects caught every passer-by’s attention. Insults were thrown at both parties as the mildly injured Motorcycle rider was rushed to a nearby hospital”.

The police officers at the T junction came to the scene to restore order to an already tensed situation.

Report by Adefarati Abiodun for IbadanCity ANNOUNCER

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