Cultural Assumption In Nigeria That Being Fat Is An Indication Of Being Rich Is Killing – Dr Oguntoba

.....go for regular medical check up

A Cardiologist, Dr Olajide Oguntoba, has advised Nigerians irrespective of their status to make time out to take care of your health in the New Year so as to achieve a very sound health in 2019

The Medical Director of Winslow Hospital, Ibadan gave this advice in a chat with our reporter in Ibadan. For him, maintaining a sound body in a sound mind is important for optimal performance and good health and wellbeing of the citizens. To achieve this it is important that people go for regular medical checkup. 


While acknowledging that the socio political and economic realities of the country could make people lose sight of the importance of their health, keeping a good health is essential to living a good life.  

According to him, “Some people don’t like going to the hospital until they get sick. This ought not to be. People who are 40 and above should make it a point of duty to visit the hospital at least once in a year to check the vital organs of their body such as; heart, lungs, liver etc.”

For instance, it is important that the doctor checks the heart, by means of ECG which means Electrocardiography. This measures the function of the heart. Also E and U Creatinine test to check the functioning of the kidney. Another organ that needs to be checked every year is the liver. It is important to do liver function test for the account for performance of the liver.

He noted that when these tests are carried out well and periodically, it will prevent the breakdown in health of an individual.

Speaking about the growing obesity rate in the country, Dr Oguntola noted that though it is a cultural assumption in this part of the world that being big or fat is an indication of being rich or wealthy, this is not so. As a matter of fact it means something is wrong with the health of such individual. In western world, if you are fat it means you eat junk. Eating junk means eating what you are able to lay your hands upon. This is mostly responsible for fatness.

Once a person is bigger than expected, such person is liable to coronary heart disease. Such a person is also liable to high blood sugar which can lead to diabetes mellitus.

In order to curb this problem and health challenges, Dr Oguntola emphasized the importance of having a Body Mass Index BMI test. The BMI test measures the weight of the individual. This goes a long way in checking and preventing coronary heart disease as a result of obesity.

While noting the fact that this challenges is common among the executives and high net worth individuals who spend most times of the day seated in their offices and vehicles, he emphasized the important that to avoid these challenges, we must avoid being sedentary (sitting at a spot for too long), and if the nature of work permits being sedentary, it is essential that we go for exercises on a regular basis.

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