Adeosun’s Certificates emerge online

Nigerians call for her resignation,troll her on twitter

The contentious National Youth Service Corp exception certificate as well as other certificates of the embattled Nigeria’s Finance minister has emerged even as widespread calls for her resignation or sack gained momentum over the weekend.

The Premium Times, the news media outlet which made the exclusive revelation last week has backed up its claims by releasing the full complement of credentials of the finance minister which were submitted to the federal government before her confirmation as minister.

The certificates released showed the degrees and work experiences that Ms Kemi Adeosun had garnered over the years as well as the contentious exception certificate that has brought her into the eye of the storm. The certificates released shows that she graduated from the University of East London with a Second class upper division in Applied Economics in 1089 as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Finance management from the University of London in 2014, and other certificates in other professional courses. She is a member of various reputable institutes and has also over the years worked in many reputable institutions both in and outside the country.

She returned to Nigeria to extend her working experiences with reputable financial institutions as well as working as Commissioner of Finance with the Ogun State Government. 

It will be recalled that an online media ‘The Premium Times’ came out with an exclusive report last week alleging that the finance minister did not embark on the compulsory one year service in the country and in fact presented a ‘reportedly’ fake NYSC discharge certificate which was used to process her confirmation as a minister at the National Assembly.

It is a requirement under the Nigeria law that every university graduate below 30 years of age in Nigeria must participate in a one year National Service before qualifying for any employment in a public or private institution within the country. Exceptions are, however given to some categories of persons.

Following this revelation by Premium Times, many Nigerians have come out to not only criticize her for embarking on the dubious means to get her certificate but also presenting same for confirmation as a Minister. Many Nigerians are therefore calling on the President to immediately relieve her of her position as Finance minister so that she can face criminal prosecution.

Those calling for her sack are also calling for a probe into the allegation that some members of the national assembly were in the know of the infraction and were in fact using this to the effect of blackmailing her into disbursing funds for the National Assembly.

Following the development the notable Nigerians have come out to demand that the finance minister should respond, Dr Joe Abah noted that the allegations by Premium Times and demanded that Mrs Adeosun should resign. He wrote “The allegations by Premium Times against Kemi Adeosun are very grave indeed. From dodging NYSC, to forgery, to succumbing to blackmail. They had better be on solid ground. If the allegations turn out to be false, I would expect the minister top sue them for all they’ve got!”

Aisha Yesufu, wrote, “This story of Kemi Adeosun and forged NYSC if it is true it would be such a disappointment. How can one be that stupid? All you needed to do was do a one year service which can be done anytime that’s all. Why forge and place yourself in a position of vulnerability.

The opposition party the People’s Democratic Party, in its reaction wrote, “We charge President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack. Arrest and arraign his minister of finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun for alleged criminal forgery of her NYSC certificate.”

Femi Fani Kayoed noted that “Only a primitive and savage cow-loving herdsman can appoint a low class cockney accented peasant from the slums of East End London and a barely-educated misfit with a forged NYSC certificate as Minister of finance. No wonder we are in a recession! It is time for Kemi Adeosun to resign.

In a related development Nigerians, as usual, have began trolling the nations Finance minister, she has become the object of several internet trolls, amidst call for her resignation.  An image as surfaced online which had the finance minister in the NYSC uniform, a development which has generated a lot of interest. While some persons saw it as rebuttal of the allegations levied against her, other saw it as a gimmick taken too far. A former Minister of Aviation Chief Femi Fani Kayode who has been vocal in his criticisms of the development stated “Whoever is stupid enough to conjure up this terrible photo shopped picture in an attempt to cover up the Finance minister Kemi  Adeosun’s shameless malfeasance  has just compounded her problem. Not only must she be removed as a minister, she must also be prosecuted for forgery.” 

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